Param Yog – P3Y- The Great Power For You 

P3Y – The scientific technique for Success, synonym of peace, prosperity and progress. It allays anxiety-tension, gives relief in ailments. It helps o make the bright Career of the youth, makes the memory sharp in study, etc. 

P3Y – The scientific technique to achieve your mission speedily, it leads to Happiness, success and peace in your life.

P1- Paramji, Alias His Holiness:

Easily available source of necessary Power to fulfill good desires, to raise harmony-health-income in your family, for mundane and supra mundane achievements.

P2= PAPR* – Wish fulfiller, Troubleshooter

1. Paramam Saranam Gachami

2. Hansam Saranam Gachami

3. Adwaitam Saranam Gachami

4. Anandam Saranam Gachami

5. Charnam Saranam Gachami

6. Hey Paramji,

7. Mujh par kripa karo,

8. Sir jhukakar Paramji ko Namaskar karta Hoon,

9. Paramji, Today give me more Success in my Business / Profession / Work. ( Or Ask your any one Desire )

10. As soon as my desire is fulfilled, As Pakar, I will give _____ £/$ (Currency you earn) or 1 liter water, or 1 flower to Paramji, Alias His Holiness.

11. As soon as my desire is fulfilled, As Pakar, I will explain P3Y to 1, 2, 3 ____ (any number of) new person by any medium; I will attend P3Y Class, I will arrange P3Y Class at my Place, if possible.

P3 = Param Yog 

A scientific technique to get peace, prosperity and progress in our life, which gives us Intelligence, increases Memory power in study. Which improve the Quality of Thoughts, which gives us freedom from addiction, which helps to achieve the Ultimate Goal in life, etc.

You have to attend P3Y Class at P3Y- Param Yog Dhyan Center; you can attend online or arrange P3Y – Param Yog class at your place to learn more about P3Y.

P3Y A Simple, Super and Extraordinary Power

Param Yog P3Y is for those who work hard, still can’t get the success.

It is not for Lazy people.

In P3Y nothing is impossible.

My ultimate wish, Maximum expanse of P3Y, so each and every life gets the benefit of P3Y Shakti. – Paramji, Alias His Holiness

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