Dr Ajit

Dr Ajit
Dr Ajit is MBBS, MS (General Surgery), DGO, Laparoscopist, Ex Medical Superintendent & P3Y Teacher, spreading P3Y Shakti around the world

My name is Dr Ajit, my qualifications are M.B.B.S., M.S. (General Surgery), D.G.O., Laparoscopist. I worked as Medical Superintendent in one of the best Hospital in Gujarat, India. I got P3Y – The scientific technique on the day of 17 September 1978. On this day Dr Arvind Patel (M.D. – USA) informed me and took me to attend P3Y Class. I am thankful of him and will forever be grateful, that he informed me about P3Y – The Great Scientific Technique, which changed my life for good and will change your life for good as well. { Mayur : We all are thankful of Dr Arvind Patel (M.D.-USA) that he informed Dr Ajit about P3Y, and we got the ultimate guide and P3Y teacher – Dr Ajit .}

Dr Ajit became Dabble specialist; General surgeon, gynaecologist and Laparoscopist, by doing P3Y, His hard work and obedience of Paramji, Alias His Holiness. He was appointed as Medical Superintendent at very young age and got fame in his profession and surgery because he was doing P3Y and P3Y Prachar regularly. He worked as Surgeon and Medical superintendent in the well-known, Gandhi Lincoln Hospital. near Municipal Garden, Deesa, Banaskantha, Gujarat – 385535, India. I am getting great mental Peace by practicing P3Y everyday. I had so many great experiences in my life in all aspect of my life.

My Mission:

To give information of P3Y – The Great Scientific Technique to each and every person in this world, who is loyal, hardworking and in the search of power or positive energy, which gives peace, prosperity, progress, success etc.; who seeking solution for their problems. If they practise P3Y- THE GREAT SCIENTIFIC TECHNIQUE they can get peace, prosperity, progress, etc and their all good wishes come true.

By Practicing P3Y they can achieve great success in material world and spiritually as well, and they do P3Y Prachar (spread P3Y around the world). The whole world gets Peace, prosperity and success. Be a Part of this great mission of spreading Peace, Prosperity, happiness, etc., by doing maximum Prachar of P3Y in your society, city, state and country, as much as you can.

There are so many P3Y teachers around this world. You can get Information from anywhere. When you practice P3Y regularly and have strong experiences, you can be a P3Y teacher. You can conduct P3Y class at your place. For that you have to take proper P3Y class training. For more info about how to be a P3Y teacher, contact Dr Ajit on 0091-8160711859.

Paramji Vachan: Whoever works for me ( Paramji Alias His Holiness), he/she will leave his/her life like a King.

Paramji Vachan: You can’t do my work (P3Y Prachar) without loyalty.

P3Y Book by Dr Ajit

The book includes P3Y experiences of those who do P3Y regularly, with their permission. You are clever; you believe your experience, but anyone who has doubt, can contact on provided contact numbers. But, remember P3Y is the scientific technique to get energy of Paramji, Alias His Holiness (source of Positive energy). In science no arguments, but you get the conclusion, by doing experiment on it again and again. When you can’t get success then you should contact the Expert – P3Y teacher Dr Ajit.

The book contains True experiences. You grasp what suites you and leave anything that does not suit you. Opportunity is given to you take it or leave it; it is entirely your decision. Person can practice P3Y, along with following his own ethics, idols and religion. When you try everything and still can’t get the result then do P3Y and P3Y Shakti will work for you and ultimately by the help of P3Y Shakti you will get the result you are looking for. In P3Y your wishes come true in less time, less expense and less hard work.

Only trust your experience, at the end it’s your decision.

Dr Ajit MBBS, MS (General Surgery), DGO, Laparoscopist

Email[email protected] Mobile: +91-8160711859

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